The Unauthorized Occupation of Patty Hearst






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Outside the Hearst home the media speculates, public opinion turns sour and the mystery deepens

The Question Remains (Reprise)

2 - 1


Mr. Hearst helplessly revisits a dream where a 4-yr-old Patty is taken away by an apocalyptic storm

Come Back

2 - 2


Mrs. Hearst blames the whole situation on her herself

A Mother's Nature

2 - 3


My Favorite Red Bedspread

In a fantasy flashback, 8-year-old Patty reinterprets her childhood to rationalize her present path

2 - 4


Patty rescues two shoplifting comrades with zombie-like programmed reflexes and a spray of gunfire

There Are Many Ways To Be A Good Girl

2 - 5


When Patty and the SLA carjack a teenager, he’s delighted to be joyriding with his famous captors

Revolutionaries Man 

2 - 6


The world watches on live TV as the SLA are burned alive – Patty realizes the FBI wants her dead

No Going Back Now

2 - 7


As If I Never Was At All

After his death, Cinque exposes his humanity as he concedes the regrets of his unfulfilled dreams

2 - 8


The Road

2 - 9

Patty and the surviving SLA members travel onward in a brief interstitial vignette


Mr. and Mrs. Hearst endure a year-long stretch of aching uncertainty as Patty drops off the radar

The Year of Missing You

2 - 10


Monday Morning Through My Eyes

2 - 11

During a bank-robbery, a murder victim rebukes romanticizing outlaws and glamorizing violence             



2 - 12

The FBI arrest Patty, igniting a media frenzy and giving her parents new hope


Shrink Intake

Five  psychiatrists send Patty on a journey of self-reflection – she narrates two intertwined trains of thought

2 - 13


Bailey’s vainglorious rehearsal for the trial reveals his corrupt agenda that outrageously parallels the SLA's

Places Everyone

2 - 14


In the courtroom, Patty's bank robbery defense of “mind control” is mocked by the team of Federal prosecutors…

Trial and Errors

2 - 15


But Then They Made Me

…and rejected by the jury – who echo Patty’s feelings of being unfairly coerced 

2 - 16


While escorted to prison, Patty laments that now she has no identity at all – except the false ones put on her

2 - 17

Imaginary Girl 


Patty refuses to betray her own innocence with a confession of guilt to reduce her sentence

The Silence of My Innocence

2 - 18


A prelude to an instrumental “11-o’clock number” contemplates the uncertainty of last-minute cliffhangers

The Eleventh Hour

2 - 19


2 - 20

The Hero of Our Own Life Story

Released from prison by President Carter’s order, Patty has a life-changing realization of why

the jury condemned her – a compassionate awakening to the flaws and frailties of human nature



CALL ME TANIA: The Unauthorized Occupation of Patty Hearst - book, lyrics & music © 2018 Leonard Dolivio Cetrangolo